Friday, March 26, 2010

Indian SSN plans and Nerpa leasing

Posted by: Igor Djadan in his blog
''Nerpa will help India in its objective to have three SSBNs (nuclear-powered submarines with long-range missiles) and six SSNs (nuclear-powered attack submarines) in the long-term" - wrights Rajat Pandit in 'The Times of India'. His article was written in the wake of the news from Russia, confirming, that a group of Indian personal (50 crewmen with 8-10 officers between them) is coming to Russia for training on Akula-II class submarine.
Interestingly, I was right, when early have supposed the existence of Indian SSN ambitions and the link between them and the Nerpa leasing. It's despite only few information was about this in media. But sometimes it's easy to guess... I think, I will not be much wrong if say, that 1) the design works are already started and 2) the prospective Indian SSN will be based on Akula-II technologies and constructive solutions.

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