Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finmeccanica Announces AgustaWestland Agreement with Boeing for U.S. President’s Helicopter

Having won the US Presidential helicopter competition once with Lockheed, the Anglo-Italian AW101 now has a chance of winning it a second time with Boeing. (AW photo)
 Finmeccanica announced an AgustaWestland agreement with the Boeing Company for the U.S. Navy’s Marine One presidential helicopter program (VXX).

Boeing secured the rights to use AgustaWestland intellectual property, data and production rights to integrate the AW101 into a Boeing product for the VXX program. AgustaWestland will keep a role in developing the programme and will be awarded a significant part of the basic helicopter production.

“Finmeccanica and Boeing enjoy a long and successful history spanning over four decades,” said Pier Francesco Guarguaglini, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Finmeccanica. “We carefully evaluated the situation and made a strategic decision to work with Boeing because it is the best solution for the VXX competition. The agreement with Boeing confirms the capability of AgustaWestland and Finmeccanica, and AW101 in particular, to compete in American market.”

“It is the right aircraft for this mission; there are many reasons why it won the first time around. It is important to keep in mind that AgustaWestland received accolades for its performance in delivering the nine aircraft ordered by the U.S. Navy,” said Giuseppe Orsi, Chief Executive Officer of AgustaWestland.
(Source: Finmeccanica)

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