Sources close to have informed that Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) is currently working on two different design variant for Tejas MK-2, while major changes in both the design are wings position in terms of alignment to make the aircraft more aero dynamic and also to reduce drag, Tejas MK-2 will also have design changes to its fuselage and will have a bigger wing to carry heaver payload, Tejas Mk-2 will also be able to carry more internal fuel due to improvement in fuselage design and wing.
Engine update:
Final negotiations for purchase of new engines for Tejas MK-2 has begun and decision will be soon made public, while both engine manufactures have promised that their engine will  easily be integrated with Tejas MK-2 airframe ,but both have asked for 2 years to make some minor changes to the engines and have already provided details regarding this to ADA and HAL , changes mostly likely be change in position of gear box and other pipe systems , once contract is signed modified engines will be delivered by 2012 year end or 2013 and integration into airframe might take place by 2013 year end and first flight might take place by 2014 year end or early 2015 .
Naval Tejas:
Indian Navy have already asked for new engines for the Naval Tejas, and only NP-1 and NP-2 will be powered by General Electric F404-IN20 engine which also powers Tejas MK-1 variant of Indian air force, while Indian Navy other than engine change has not made any change to their original ASR, so most probably Navy will go with Tejas MK-1 Naval Prototype design with higher trust engine rather than Tejas MK-2 design.