India has decided to launch its first dedicated military satellite by 2011 under Defence Space Vision-2020.
Information to this effect was shared by Ministry of Defence that Indian Space Research Organization has assured us the naval satellite, with an around 1,000 nautical mile footprint over Indian Ocean, will be launched as slated… The project cost is Rs 950 crore. IAF and Army satellites will follow in a couple of years.”
The dedicated satellite will help Navy network all its warships, submarines and aircraft among themselves as well as with operational centres ashore through high-speed data-links. “Maritime threats can then be detected and shared in real-time to ensure swift reaction,” said an officer.
Indian armed forces have been already using “dual use” satellites like Cartosat-I, Cartosat-II and Cartosat-IIA, but after this dedicated military satellite they will get dedicated satellites of their own.
In cureent time there are 300 dedicated or dual-use military satellites present in earth space, out of these 150 belonged to US followed by Russia and China.

BY : ABC Live