Friday, May 7, 2010

MiG-35's new pics, interpretation

Since a number of new important articles were published in Russia at last I come back for posting  most interesting of them. The strange lack of information about MiG-35 participation in MMRCA competition was solved by the publication in 'Take-Off' journal. They informed that two new MiG-35 prototypes were built in 2009: №961 and №967. The last was built on the base of MiG-29KUB №947 . It's in addition to the first prototype (MiG-35 №154). It  confirmed too, that both new planes took participation in flying tests in India in October, 2009. Then, they turned to Russia where Zhuk-AE radar was installed on MiG-35D (№967). This spring both planes followed the testing in Zhukovsky. Different loads and flying systems were tested during these program.

Interestingly, both plane was made in Lukhovitsy, where MiG-29K\KUB program successefully started early. Other potential MiG-35 manufacturer - Sokol' plant - was not involved in the building. The pictures show regular nozzles without TVS. All these facts push to conclusion that MiG company stakes on maximal unification of the offered MiG-35 with the serial MiG-29K\KUB for Indian Navy. Probably it reflexes the wish of the Indian side too. If MiG-35 wins the tender, the total Indian fleet of last gen MiGs will reach 126+45=171 units. In such case the logistic burden would be significantly reduced, and the investment in RD-33 engine manufacturing in India would be justified. Also it allows to limit the manufacturing base to Lukhovitsy and not ti wait three years when 'Sokol' plant will be ready to MiG-35 production, if needed. Indeed the Indian tender conditions suppose production of only 18 planes abroad and the remained will be produced in India anyway.

More pics:
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