Indian army is already revising its doctrine to fight War in two fronts with China and Pakistan, Army with its 1.13-million strong personnel and recently held war games might have even cemented Army’s doctrine on possible  “Two Front War “ .
But the Question remains will Indian Air force will be able to fight a “Two Front War “, Air force which already has lowest Squadron strength in decades is fighting hard to induct new jets in its arsenal, delays in MMRCA, Tejas has already hit Air force hard, and blunders made in purchase of Hawk AJT’s from Uk has already hit production and pilot training, Grounding whole fleet of HTT-32 basic Trainer by air force has only worsen the situation.
PLAAF  already possess more than 500 Long range 4th generation fighter aircraft like Sukhoi-27k and Sukhoi-30MKK and their Chinese copy of J-11 ,not to forget 150 plus home grown J-10 fighter aircraft ,this itself total ups what IAF has in its current inventory not to forget order generation J-7 (Mig-21 copy) and J-8 variants which PLAAF in large numbers . PAF on other hand with around 400 combat aircraft is still a formidable air force in the region.
Poor radar coverage and fewer fighter aircraft deployment in North Eastern sector will also hamper Air forces role in support of ground troops, while IAF is actually deploying small number of Surface to air missile in the region is consider as baby  steps by many experts which Chinese forces have fortified their side of border with heavy SAM batteries . While border line areas near Pakistan have good radar coverage but due to lack of radars and failure to modernize older ones have left blank spot in the region.
According to Defence Expert Rajesh Sharma IAF might lose 40 % of its fleet in less than a week if both china and Pakistan use their air forces aggressively towards India, According to Mr. Sharma first three days of war will see heavy IAF aircraft lose, If PLAAF is able to destroy major airbase in northern sector Long Range Bombers and Fighter aircraft will be able to bomb many major northern eastern cites even Kolkata will be not be spared.
IAF needs to be Defensive in northern-eastern sector and offensive in western sector ,to achieve that northern-eastern sector needs to be heavy fortified with SAM batteries and better radar coverage and better Aircrafts like Sukhoi-30MKI deployed in large numbers to intercept and PLAAF aircrafts and Drones .