Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) and The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) completed wind tunnel testing of the Joint Air-to-Ground Missile. The test proved the team’s JAGM can be flown and employed from the F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet’s outboard wing station.
“The warfighter can place a full Raytheon-Boeing JAGM missile load on the outer wing stations, enabling the system to safely exceed the objective load-out requirement on the Super Hornet,” said Bob Francois, Raytheon vice president of Advanced Missiles and Unmanned Systems.
The Raytheon-Boeing offering features a Boeing body and warhead combined with a Raytheon tri-mode seeker. The tri-mode seeker, which leverages the same technology used on the Raytheon GBU-53/B Small Diameter Bomb II, enables the weapon to attack a variety of fixed and moving targets in all weather conditions.
“Boeing has a long history of integrating weapons on platforms like the Super Hornet and the AH-64D Apache helicopter,” said Carl Avila, Boeing director of Advanced Weapons and Missile Systems. “Combining that with Raytheon’s seeker expertise makes our JAGM the lowest-risk and most cost-effective solution.”

BY: Raytheon PR