Monday, May 10, 2010

Russian corruption suspected in NTPC and Gorshkov officer case

07 May 2010 8ak: Livemint has reported on the CBI investigation into a deal with power major NTPC and Russia's Technoprom Exports (TPE). TPE had virtually halted work on the project and demanded a price escalation over the 20% agreed to in the contract. CBI has reported an agent was involved in fixing the deal in violation of terms of contract.
Meanwhile the investigation continue in to the affair of the Indian Naval officer, Commodore Sukhjinder Singh posted in Russia overseeing the Gorshkov repair. Since the photos clearly show that the photos were taken with the officer posing in front of the camera, Headlines Today questions whether the release was timed to take the focus away from kickbacks in the deal. Others that 8ak spoke with said that sending officers to remote bases for extended periods without their families is a big mistake of the Indian government as it makes them lonely and susceptible to the most basic spying tricks such as 'honeytraps'.


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