Iranian Army commandoes and special forces successfully destroyed air targets with home-made shoulder-launched missiles named ‘Misaq’ in the fourth stage of a series of military drills, codenamed Vellayat 89, in the Strait of Hormuz and northern Indian Ocean. During the exercises, also a number of hypothetical enemy vessels which had infiltrated Iranian territories were destroyed by the Air Force F-4 fighter-bombers and Cobra choppers of the Airborne units.
Also on the fourth stage of the exercises on Monday, Airborne choppers conducted heliborne operations and carried and transferred large numbers of troops and equipment.
The Iranian Army started the six-staged wargames last Wednesday. The exercises will last for 8 days.
Also during the sixth day of exercises on Monday, the Iranian Air Force tested a series of newly updated air-to-surface missiles.
Lieutenant Commander of the Iranian Air Force for Operations General Seyed Mohammad Alawi told FNA that the new missiles were fired by Phantom fighters and hit and destroyed the targets successfully.
“The new missiles have been loaded onto the Army’s fighter jets with changes and updates in their parts. They had a fully successful performance today,” Alawi stressed.
He added that experts at the self-sufficiency Jihad (department) of the Iranian Air Force have changed the missiles’ range, fuel, and navigation systems.
Also on Monday, the Iranian Navy’s heavy submarines successfully test-fired home-made torpedoes at subsurface targets in the Strait of Hormuz and northern Indian Ocean.