IJT-36 also known as ” Sitara ” has successfully completed Hot Weather Trials with new Russian made AL-55I engines in Jaisalmer. Both PT-1 and PT-2 prototype aircraft which where involved in the tests  are both back in Bangalore now .
This is second time IJT-36  has been successfully completed Hot Weather Trials , earlier test where done using Snecma Larzac 04-H-20 turbofan non-afterburning engine , which needed  to be changed  since Air force issued new Air Staff Requirements  in mid way of the project. delays in fabricating and testing of the new engines have delayed the project by three years now .
IJT with Russian made AL-55I engines first flew only in  Feb 2009 , first batch of 12 LSP IJT-36 have are already been produced and soon will be handed over to air force for testing , new LSP models are sporting  new Anti-spin strips on its nose cone section .
IJT-36 are fully combat capable and can be used has light attack fighter or used in COIN operations , it has five external hard points and can carry up to 1000kg payload .
Air force is recently considering HAL’s proposal of  development of new AJT based on IJT but with twin engines which will be placed in between IJT-36 and AJT Hawks