Thursday, April 29, 2010

Israel and India refuse to provide information on Barak 8 to Turkey

Indian and Israel have refused to provide information on Barak 8 missile interceptor to Turkey , Barak 8 which is a joint Indo-Israeli project for the development of missile interceptor with 360 degree coverage against incoming missiles or air attack.
Turkey Navy had asked for information on Barak 8 missile interceptor ,Refusal came because Israel was denied Airspace training in Turkish airspace ,while Indian Refusal might have come since Turkey is key allay to Pakistan which has provided military support to Pakistan in past and could provide vital details of Barak 8 missile interceptor which  will be main missile interceptor in Naval ships in India .
Recently Turkey had refused to supply India Turkish origin Naval gun under pressure from Pakistan , Sources close to have said that Turkey’s arrogant manner in which it handled Indian request might have made India respond in this manner .
Information on weapons systems are not considered a vital threat to the weapons nor the program but this straight refusal seems to be done in anger .
Turkey has been providing Pakistan UAV technology and will also been providing Attack helicopter which it’s been designing with European help ,after US sanction were imposed on Pakistan after nuclear test, it was Turkey which provided Pakistan secretly F-16 fighter spare parts


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