Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Israeli air force may train in india for long-range training

After been denied Long range Training in turkey ,Israeli air force is considering India which can be used for training its pilots for long-range air strikes . Israel has limited air space for long-range training , and is is seriously considering India has an option .
Israeli air force have been doing this training in case of war between Iran and Israeli breaks out in the middle east . Indian been a big county will be able to provide condition for long range trainings , if Israeli air force is based in any  air base on south India will be traveling from base to  firing range in Rajasthan which will enhance the skills of the Israeli pilots .
India on the other hand has similar long term agreement with Singapore where Soldiers from Singapore Armed force conduct military exercise every year in India . under this pact Singapore can also keep many of its Equipment like Artillery guns and armored vehicles in India.
Singapore Air force also trains in India for almost two months in the year which includes carrying out bombing exercise in firing range based near kaliakunda air base


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