Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tejas LSP-3 to Fly today with Radar ?

It might come has great relief for Tejas Fan boys , a leading Avaition magazine in its website have mentioned that Tejas LSP-3 might have its first flight with radar today . First flight will occur if the weather condition remains normal in Bangalore today ,while Meteorological Department of India have predicated that Bangalore city will be Sunny with cloudy periods with a chance of showers or thundershowers. but also have said that it will be cloudy if no rains occur.

Tejas Lsp-3 has been delayed by almost a year now , and it will be carrying Elta 2032 MMR radar ,since Indian MMR will be delayed ,but there is still confusion regarding radar in media , HAL has still not cleared the confusion whether it will be Indian – Israeli JV MMR Radar or full build Israeli Elta 2032 MMR radar . we at idrw hope to clear the doubts when the actual test flight takes place and more information is provided in media .

Tejas Mk-1 in its current form has cleared Flight envelope for the IOC and radar and weapons testing will enable it to get FOC by 2012 .


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