Its now almost confirmed that the Radar carried by Tejas LSP-3 is a Hybrid version of Elta’s 2032 radar ,with Indian Inputs , Most of the Inputs by India in this new Hybrid are most from the local MMR radar which was in development for a while now , but the Israeli 2032  back end processor unit has been used for the radar , new HYBRID MMR was flight tested in Israel in a Boeing Test Bed and as per sources few have been deleivered to Indian Labs which will it intergrate it with other LSP aircraft’s .
Next aircraft LSP-4 which has already conducted its ground trials and soon radar will be integrated and the first test is expected within a month or two and then followed by LSP-5 which is also almost ready , all aircraft’s will have a radar and soon LSP-1/2 will also be pulled put of test flying to be integrated with all the other avionics package and auto pilot with radars .