India has asked all the bidders of MMRCA Aircraft competition to revise  their bids again since Indian will not be able to meet the deadline for the biggest Aircraft’s deal in recent time .
Experts believe that the prices of the jets will go up by 7 to 10 % since prices of Raw materials and avionics have gone up in recent times and which will over all effect the whole budget of the MMRCA deal and this price rise will also see further delays from Indian side if the Selected aircraft has revised it price it will have to be approved by finance ministry again .
While Saab Aerospace told that they will not do revise their price of Gripen NG and will keep them same , while it seems Boeing may increase their price which may effect chances of winning MMRCA competition , While EADS , United Aircraft Corp, Dassault Aviation SA have not commented on this subject .
MMRCA competition has been most complex Aircraft competition and new off set policy and TOT transfer has made it one of most difficult aircraft acquisition project ,which has been delayed by 5 years now .
Gripen Ng is the only aircraft which has not completed high-altitude testing near Leh in the Himalayas, Hot waether tests in Rajasthan state and tropical climate test in  Bangalore.